Multi-Mam LactaMax
Drink for breastfeeding mothers

20 effervescent tablets

  • Vitamin C and vitamin B12 helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Vitamin D supports the immune system
  • With fennel and fenugreek extract
  • Vegan

Tiredness during breastfeeding? Multi-Mam LactaMax is a refreshing, blackcurrant flavored drink for breastfeeding women. The effervescent tablet contains vitamin C and vitamin B12, which help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. It also increases fluid intake, which is important while breastfeeding. In addition, the drink contains vitamin D, which supports the immune system


How many sparkling drinks can I take each day?

One effervescent Multi-Mam LactaMax tablet dissolved in a glass of water (200ml) makes one sparkling drink. You can take 4 tablets per day.

I am vegetarian. Is Multi-Mam LactaMax suitable for me?

Yes. Multi-Mam LactaShake is suitable for vegetarian women.

I don’t drink cow’s milk. Can I make Multi-Mam LactaMax with something else?

Yes. The Multi-Mam LactaMax formula is plant-based and dairy-free. It is suitable for vegan and lactose intolerant women as well as vegetarian women.

Can I take Multi-Mam LactaMax with my medication?

If you are taking medication, check with your physician before taking Multi-Mam LactaMax

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