Our story

Raising a baby is amazing and rewarding in countless ways but the early days of motherhood and breastfeeding can also be exhausting and painful. Many women are ashamed to talk about their post-birth and breastfeeding discomforts or simply don’t know where to turn for help. Instead, they suffer in silence. Seeing new mothers struggle with pain and even stop breastfeeding sooner than they had planned or wanted to is the reason why we developed Multi-Mam.

About Multi-Mam

Multi-Mam is a series of natural-based products that relieve discomforts associated with post-birth and breastfeeding. We developed Multi-Mam to help new mothers feel comfortable and take care of themselves. Because when mothers are more harmonious, they’re able to enjoy motherhood to the fullest and give their babies the very best start in life.

Multi-Mam ingredients

We know that you want nothing but the best for your baby and you can trust that Multi-Mam products are of the highest quality. Our ingredients are mostly derived from natural sources and are harmless to both mother and baby.

Multi-Mam Compresses and Multi-Mam Babydent are based on the unique and patented 2QR complex (pronounced “to cure”) which is a natural, plant-based ingredient extracted from the plant Aloe Barbandenis. This hero ingredient generates moistness and supports the natural healing process.

Multi-Mam Protect is a mild vegan formulation mainly based on vegetable oils and fat, that protect nipples from drying out and cracking. The texture is smooth and gentle, which makes it easy to apply, even on sensitive skin.

Multi-Mam Lanolin consists of 100% highly purified wool fat (lanolin), which is well-known for its protective qualities.

Multi-Mam After-Birth Spray has a mild, vegan formulation based on natural ingredients such as Rosa centifolia and Aloe vera – ideal to protect the skin in the intimate area. It is without perfume and has a neutral scent.

The formula of Multi-Mam LactaMax is a combination of vitamins and extracts known to increase milk production (galactagogues) and combat tiredness.

Learn more about our products and how they can help you enjoy motherhood here.